Escape - Short Film

by David Tenniswood


'Escape' is a steampunk-universe retelling of the Icarus legend set in a subterranean world. Escape was one of the last Compendium shoots at Vancouver Film School and I was asked to come back to direct the shoot. Compendium is one of VFS's Entertainment Business Management campus's big projects where they get recent graduates from several campuses (film production, writing, acting, hair and make up, visual effects, digital design, etc.) together to shoot 5 high-production value shorts over five days. Historically they've all be directed by instructors from the school but since this was the last round they asked alumni who've continued directing since leaving the school to come back and mentor a group of producers through the process from pre-production through delivery. I've always loved teaching so this was a great experience for me. I got a great group of student producers who were eager to learn. 

The actual shoot was pretty fun despite starting 3 hours behind. We managed to set off the studio's hair-trigger fire control system 3 times in the morning, despite being assured repeatedly that it was "definitely off now." Each time requiring the entire building to be evacuated. We managed to pump through set-ups pretty efficiently and shot the entire script in 11 hours. I have to give kudos to our DP Naim Sutherland and gaffer Corey Jacques for lighting the set so quickly, without their fore-thought we never would have made our day.

The project is currently in the vfx stage and will be premiering mid-August, I can't wait to share it with everyone involved, it looks wicked already.